Radon Awareness bundle

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Always-on radon detection for two rooms in your home for full control and lasting peace of mind.

  • Easy to setup & use
  • Anytime/anywhere access to live readings
  • Batteries included
Airthings has a 5-year extended warranty available on all air quality monitors for consumers. Registration is required within 30 days of the purchase on the Airthings website. Registration is free and your statutory rights are not affected.

Monitor radon levels in multiple rooms for more control

Place Wave Radon in the basement where radon is most likely to enter the home. View Plus, tracking radon and 6 other aspects of indoor air quality, is best placed in a space where people spend the most time - like a family room, bedroom or home office. By monitoring radon levels in two spaces, you take full control and gain peace of mind.

Comprehensive radon & air quality information for the family room

Wave Radon tracks radon along with temperature and humidity - ideal for a basement location. View Plus measures not only radon but also particulate matter (PM2.5), carbon dioxide (CO2), VOCs, temperature, humidity and air pressure. So View Plus not only helps you monitor radon on the living level of the home but also gives you a comprehensive picture of other key aspects of indoor air quality.

Anytime, anywhere access to live data

View Plus connects to your home's WiFi network so, using the Airthings app, you get 24/7 access to live readings as well as real-time push notifications when air quality declines. It can also act as a hub for any Airthings Wave device, extending remote access to all of your home's monitors. Just plug View Plus in to activate the hub feature, then use the app to link your Wave Monitors to the hub. It's a snap to set up.


Product Warranty 12 months warranty
Radon Ja
CO2 Ja
Mould risk Nej
Temperature Ja
Humidity Ja
Pressure Ja
Tilt Nej
PM 2.5 Ja
PM 1 Ja
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